CHESS and DECODA organize there hackaton beginning of july :

Summary of the two days

On the first day during the 1st and 2nd Hackathon sessions, people will group themselves around a topic of choice. The goal is to discuss/program/draw/invent/proof around a central problem in an environment that stimulates cooperation, collaberation, joint thinking, paving the road to a (partial) solution.

On day 2 the groups can be reorganised, keeping in mind that a comfortable group size is about 4 persons. The goal is to crossfeed among projects for some, whilst keeping the possibility to work during the full two days on the same single project for others. Konstantin and Ronald will organise a poll during the Hackathon Summary Day 1 and reorganise the groups accordingly.

Both days will welcome tutorials (big thanks to Laurent Condat and Simon Barthelmé) with a focus on optimisation for signal/image processing.

more informations here

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