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File contains two Matlab scripts to run:
1. run_jbss.m
2. run_coupled_BTD.m

The other files in this folder contain functions used by these two scripts.

run_jbss.m reproduces results from
[1] Lahat, Dana, and Christian Jutten. "Joint Independent Subspace Analysis Using Second-Order Statistics," in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 64, no. 18, pp. 4891-4904, Sep., 2016.
*** Please cite this paper whenever using this code or algorithm for your publication ***

run_coupled_BTD.m tests the coupled block term decomposition (BTD) / generalized joint block diagonalization associated with the above model, with some more flexibility in the model of the latent data.

Note: the Tensorlab toolbox ( must be installed in order to run some of the algorithms in these scripts.

Additional explanations can be found within these files.

Dana Lahat (
Christian jutten (

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